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London Fighters Club Training Tip - Setting Goals To Become A Better Fighter

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the London Fighters Club blog once again!

The firs topic I'd like to discuss is how setting goals is critical to becoming a better fighter, no matter what discipline you choose to practice.

I personally have training goals that I strive to achieve to improve my own abilities. I break them down into short term (daily/weekly), mid term (monthly), and long term (yearly) goals. Your goals should be specific, and it's crucial to have various themes.

To share a personal example, I recently spent one week focusing on improving my defensive posture. On a Monday, I practiced keeping my chin down while shadowboxing. On Tuesday, I focused on keeping my elbows tucked in to protect my midsection. On Wednesday, I concentrated on keeping my hands up to protect my face. By keeping my weekly goals in mind during my daily training, I noticed a substantial improvement at the end of the week. You will too if you apply this to your routine.

The same applies to my mid and long term goals. If you happen to be struggling with a technique, a great mid term goal would be to master it by the end of the month. One of my recent mid term goals was mastering the liver hook. I drilled it over and over and over on the heavy bag, making sure that I had the proper angle, speed, and power. Having that goal established in my mind made it much easier to focus on the technique during my training.

Lastly, more difficult techniques (such as advanced counters) should be given a year to master. One of my personal long term training goals for 2015 is to master hand trapping among others. By keeping your goals in mind every time you step in the gym, you will make the weakest parts of your game the strongest at the end of the year.

EVERY FIGHTER, no matter how talented, has something he needs to work on. If you're unsure which areas of your game need development, simply ask your coach or spar with an opponent who is better than you. The answer is never far away.

Whenever you hit the gym, training should be your singular focus. Remember your goals, focus on what you need to achieve those goals, and you'll be a champ before you know it.

Thanks for reading the blog! If you enjoyed it, please share it on your social media. I'd truly appreciate it. See you in class soon.

Stay tuned for the next post!


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