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Who we are?


Former Professional Fighter

Established in 2005 by experienced Muay Thai and Kickboxing trainer and former professional fighter Ozgur Cetin. London Fighters Club is a friendly and welcoming training ground for men and women of all abilities and fitness levels. Whether you wish to work on your cardio, lose weight, gain muscle, or simply test yourself in the pugilistic arts! 

We have daily classes that cater for all, and we offer specialist classes for children, women, amateurs and beginners alongside with personal training. You will find out that training with London Fighters Club is a great fun. Fit or unfit, bored of the normal gyms and looking for a perfect way to get confident and distress. 

Learn how to protect yourself or even fight, our classes are for you.Our boxing classes will improve your physical and mental fitness.

London Fighters Club is located in the heart of London (Enfield, Islington & Finsbury Park), and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. The skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential?


Book now or call us today to learn more about London Fighters Club.

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